Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sallys Hair Haul Got Some New Goodies

Well today I got bored sitting at home and decided to go to Sallys to look around. I admit I have been trying to stay consistent with the products I use, but eh... Using the same products over and over though beneficial does get old after awhile. But I must say I haven't been going off the mark with the new products I am trying. Most of them are the same equivalents of products I have used before. So what did I get? Well here goes:

Soft and Beautiful Just for Me Oil Moisturizing Lotion

I am going to say this product is an equivalent to the Silken Child Moisturizer, just with not as good ingredients. But then again, the reformulated version of Silken Child doesn't have as good of ingredients as the original. This product does have Mineral Oil and Petroleum in it... Wooo Hahaha (evil laugh). I just moisturized with it a few hours ago and put my hair in two plaits, I did like the sheen it gave my hair. Tomorrow when I take my hair down I will see how it works, last time I used a hair product that had petroleum in it my hair was hard crunchy mess. Hopefully this time it wont be the case.

Lustrasilk Moisture Max Mega Moist Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion

I am going to say the equivalent to a product I used in the past would be Elasta Qp Oil Recovery minus all the extracts and oils it had. This product too has Mineral Oil and Petroleum in it, so I am guessing now you notice I am not a biggie on ingredients. I feel if it works it works no matter what kind of ingredients there are in it. I am not sure when I will be using this product as to now I am getting a feel for Just for Me or why I even picked this particular product up. Other than the fact I wanted to give it a try awhile ago but forgot to. So once I do I will back with a review, and if I like both moisturizers I am not sure what I will do because I still like my Jheri Juice products. And if I like one of the products it will be in rotation with my Jheri Juice product.

Wild Growth Light Oil Moisturizer

For awhile I have used the Wild Growth Oil that came in the white bottle all the while ignoring the yellow one. I do notice the yellow one sells out more at Sallys and I always thought the yellow one had better looking ingredients. But for whatever reason I kept purchasing the white one, well today I used this to seal in the Just for Me Moisturizer and I must say this one gives a better sheen. It might be due to the fact it has Jojoba and Coconut Oil in it, and though the smell isn't as potent as the one in the white bottle the smell of this one isn't a walk in a field of flowers either. But with continued use of this I will tell you what I think of this product. I also picked up some more sectiong clips for my hair. All reviews for these products will come soon.. HHJ =]

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