Sunday, October 31, 2010

Loving GVP's Reformulation of Nexxus Humectress

So awhile back I tried GVP's original Nexxus Humectress and I absolutely hated it! It gave no slip and didn't moisturize worth anything. I was left wondering what all the hype was surrounding it and left with a bottle of conditioner that I hated (which luckily got accidentaly knocked into the toilet.). Like a year after that trial Nexxus reformulated the ingredients to the conditioner and I waited for Sally's GVP version to reformulate theirs to match Nexxus. I was apprehensive to get it, but I bought it and fell in love! I use it as both a rinse out conditioner on the weeks I don't do a deep condition, and as a deep conditioner. And both times my hair has a lot of slip and has a nice moisture to it. This is one product I am glad the company decided to change the ingredients to.

Maxiglide MP Flat Iron Review

Ok so I know I am probably late with this one, but here is my review of it anyway. So after a month or so of stalking Bed, Bath, and Beyond's store and wondering should I get it or no? I finally purchased the last maxiglide that was on the shelf. At first I was a little apprehensive about buying it because of the teeth on the plates and I worried about breakage. But as you can see and something I didn't know the MP model comes with a smooth plate as well (yay!!). That day I did a protein treatment with two eggs, conditioner, and avocado oil for two hours. I then washed and conditioned my hair. I used Garnier Sleek and Shine Leave in and GVP Silk Infusion. I air dried my hair, and then applied heat protectant to blow dry. I used the plates with the teeth to flat iron, and surprisingly the teeth didn't harm my hair at all. I kind of made the mistake of thinking the ten setting of the iron was one of the low settings, but I then realized it was the highest setting of the iron. So next time when I go to flat iron my hair I will most definitely use the 5 or 6 setting since I am relaxed. But overall I liked the results and how silky and soft my hair looked and felt. Usually when I flat iron my hair I have to use Wild Growth Oil and a heavy leave in which would only weigh my hair down when I flat ironed. I do however need to learn some sort of technique when sliding the iron down my hair though, but it really does detangle your hair and straighten at the same time. It's a keeper, and since I like it so much I will be flat ironing my hair once a month when I want straight hair. I will be posting pictures up of the results soon!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Number One Mistake I See From People on Hair Journeys Is....

Jumping on hair bandwagons or switching up products because their hair "idol" uses such products. I feel this is the biggest mistake people make when on their haircare journeys. I understand that for newbies who aren't quite sure how to start up or create a regimen will go to a person who has been on their haircare journey for awhile for regimen inspiration. But a lot of times they don't tweak the regimen so it will work for their hair. The hair of a newbie and the hair of person who is been on a Haircare journey sometimes are in two different conditions. So deep conditioning with a moisturizing conditioner two times a week for a hair guru, who knows their protein/moisture balance versus a newbie whose hair is breaking a needs protein and not so much moisture is going to warrant two different results. Also I notice people will have a set regimen and will be using products that are working for them, but as soon as the next craze or blog raving on a certain product they will ditch the product that was working for them to use something that might not work for them as good or at all. Which as the saying goes: Just because something works for someone else doesn't necessarily means it's going to work for you. And, "If it ain't broke then don't try to fix it." So stick with what works for you. If using a sulfate shampoo, or using something with petroleum or mineral oil is working for you and you aren't seeing any adverse effects then don't stop using it because someone bashed using products with such ingredients. One person's hair toxin could be another person's hair remedy. So ladies please remember and keep in mind if it's working for you and you are seeing good results from it, keep it up!! Stay away from hair product/method bandwagons and unnecessary product switches!! HHJ

MetaGrip Ponytail Hooks

So I finally got a chance to try out the MetaGrip Ponytail hooks. And let me say they are strong and sturdy elastic and do seem to give a good hold. But they just didn't work for me at all. I'm guessing my hair is too thick to use these, I had a hard time trying wrap the elastic around so I could hook it. And the hook would get stuck in my hair when I would try to wrap it around. I am going to say these ponytail hooks are better for people with finer hair, and not so much for thicker hair. I'm not sure if you could hook two of the hooks together to make it work, it could be worth a try. But I wont be using these any time soon. HHJ