Saturday, March 5, 2011

Other Happening and Going Ons, Besides Hair... Rambles..

Well let's see I finally learned how to do eyebrows, well shape them that is. I use tweezers and a razor to get the hairs. My next lesson is on how to fill them in which I have been practicing on for some time so I should be getting it soon. I am developing my own facial regimen, I have been using Shorty2Sweet's facial regimen for a month now and really like the results I am getting. Most of the facial products used are by St. Ives, however I am going to switch a few products out to see if I like that regimen as well. I have been trying out different makeup techniques to see which ones I like best, and I am growing a like of red lipsticks and pink lip gloss. I will posting up some reviews of all my findings... HHJ =]

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