Monday, September 19, 2011

Ok I Am Back... Regimen Under Construction!!!

I know it has been awhile since I have updated my blog, I have just been super busy with life!! Anyway I haven't been consistently following my regimen and have just let my hair be for awhile. I went from straightening my hair just during touch ups to wearing it straight once a month to get to enjoy it. Well now I am trying to accomplish a new goal of getting my hair to tailbone length, and need to get back f ledge into a more consistent regimen. My new regimen is going to be much simpler compared to my older regimens, and will be trying to add some Ayurveda hair care products. I am in the Ayuverda Hair Challenge on Hairlista, but I don't really plan on getting too much into the powders that a lot of women use it seems too time consuming and complicated. So far I have a Shikakai soap bar, Vatika Oil, and Amla Oil that's it! I wont being writing a review on these products or regimen until I have tried it for at least three months or unless I start to see adverse affects on my hair. I know for a fact I will be going back to just getting flat irons on touch up days which is coming up next month. And I will be staying far far away from bantu knots as those do nothing but tangle my hair up. But I will be back to talk about my progress... Talk to all soon!! HHG =]

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