Thursday, November 10, 2011

Deciding to Transition!!

So I got my touch up on the 22nd of October, and wasn't all that too happy with the results nor have I been too happy with my hair for awhile. I have played around with transitioning in the past but always ended up relaxing at some point. This time I seriously want to transition, and have been looking at women or are transitioning right now or have already gone natural. I am a little apprehensive about a few things because once my new growth gets beyond the manageable stage braidouts and other hairstyles don't look as good. Another thing I am apprehensive about is that when I was natural in the past I didn't know how to handle my hair, but this was before I got all the plethora of information I have received  from hair care forums that I feel can be applied to both natural and relaxed hair as well. I am plan on doing a long term transition, so for every inch of hair I grow that's how many inches of relaxed hair I will be getting cut off. Wish me luck everyone!!

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